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A Kent Vacation in England - Land of Dickens, Chaucer and Canterbury.

Kent countryside - Lavender Fields

A Kent vacation in England offers you more than just Dover, Dickens, Chaucer, cathedrals, spires and castles - England, and in particular, Kent, represent the very epitome of all things English, and as Kent is referred to as the Garden of England, there is no better place to immerse yourself in the delights, beauty and history of this world class island and its people.

Historical England

England has history and culture running through every castle wall, every line of prose and every sun dappled stained glass window overlooking the tombs of those who have so loved this island that it is often said their spirits roam the old cobbled streets, and that you are never truly alone within the ruins of the castles and keeps which defended this land against those whose envious eyes fell upon its golden sands, its white cliffs and its green hills.

If you are visiting Britain, then it is highly likely that one of the first sights you will see are the famous white cliffs of Dover. These chalk and black flint cliffs stretching over a hundred metres high mark the edge of the country in a distinctively crisp style, but just a little further inland any suggestion of straight edges crumbles very quickly. As you witness rolling green countryside spread out like a roughly shaken counterpane, you'll notice England at its rural best, with hedgerows teeming with life lining the country roads.

English Beer

Drinking beer is one of the more enjoyable English traditions, and no Kent vacation would be complete without a visit to an old English pub, set deep in this county famous for its hops. The English pub has managed to hold on to tradition in more senses than merely the selling of good, old fashioned, and locally brewed ale. Each and every pub welcomes you with a style all of its own, and no two pubs are ever alike. The meals are very often something to be reckoned with, and as you'll find, the traditional Englishman has a hearty appetite, and the portions are as generous as the welcome.

Home of Charles Dickens

For many people, traditional images of England are based on those classical descriptions and tales penned by Charles Dickens. Indeed, for many people it was Dickens who popularized the now thoroughly traditional Christmas festivities. Kent is home to the city of Rochester, Dickens' home. There has been a settlement here before Roman times, and the history of this ancient city can be traced and witnessed quite easily. To have a guide will certainly help you to appreciate the richness of the architectural heritage of the city, including both its castle and its cathedral. As you tour the city, your guide will be able to draw your attention to locations mentioned or depicted in many of Dickens' novels, such as 'Great Expectations', 'The Pickwick papers' and 'The Mystery of Edwin Drood'. There is also a Dickens Centre which is well worth seeing.

Although England has brought forth many fine authors, a great many of whom have helped to shape and depict English life, its towns and cities, and of course, most particularly, its people, Geoffrey Chaucer is one who perhaps stands out. His 'Canterbury Tales' tell of the many easily identifiable characters on their way to pilgrimage. Canterbury is not too far away, and if you are fortunate enough to have your own driver, you will be able to admire this ancient city. There has been a settlement here since prehistoric times, and the Brythonic city of Canterbury itself affords a wealth of history and culture to enjoy. The cathedral itself is magnificent, and is a World Heritage Site. Founded by St Augustine in 597 it lays claim to being the most visited location anywhere in England. Early ruins of the abbey and castle which once stood here are still visible, and a good guide will be able to show you more than merely crumbling stones.

As you tour the quaint charms and historic delights of Kent during your vacation in England, you may well think that Kent has been untouched, remaining inside a bubble of time that refuses to accept the harsh concrete and silicon reality of the twenty first century. As you stroll through the coastal market town of Hythe, this impression is likely to be confirmed as you hear the unmistakable whistle of a steam train. The Romney, Hythe & Dymchurch Railway maintains these beautiful and quite remarkable engines, and a journey on one of these classic trains is highly recommended. Sit back, enjoy a drink in your carriage, and watch fourteen miles of green countryside roll past your window.

From the moment you begin your Kent vacation in England, the worlds of Chaucer and Dickens come alive, and there is no doubt that the scenery, the fresh air and the history which exudes from every castle wall and imposing cathedral will inspire you and offer you a vacation in England that you will never forget.

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